So the weather is beautiful here in Kentucky today…I can say that because I have yet to step outside!!!  One of the perks of working from home, I can enjoy the smell, the sound and the temperature of the fall rain without actually having to get wet.  I have the windows open and am embracing the fall weather.  So since I’m in such a great fall mood…here a FREE Halloween Treat!!!


This is an awesome tradition where neighbors anonymously deliver Halloween treats to each other.  It builds friendship and camaraderie and frankly just makes people feel nice when they find it on their doorstep…

The process is simple…buy or bake a yummy treat, print out this FREE sign, leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep and then feel good about making someone’s day!!!  Who knows, you might just get one back.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to see your whole neighbor get booed???  Your neighbor will then hang their sign on their door so everyone knows they were booed and pass along the thought!!!

Need some Halloween treat ideas?

You can get crazy fun, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen has some easy AMAZING Halloween goodies on her blog, or simple…brownies from a box, some cute cookies from Walmart, a bag of Halloween candy…let your tummy be your guide!!!!


Happy Halloween!!!



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