Back to School: Teacher Gift Ideas.  Need ideas for the perfect teacher gift for your little one’s first day of school.

“Back to Schooool, Back to Schooool, to prove to Daddy that I’m not a Foooool.”  Woah, 90’s flashback! Ok,I’m better now:)

Today was my princess’ first day of Pre-K 4.  (Here is the cute First Day of School Sign I made her last year with the Tutorial.)  Such a change from last year!  She ran right in, so excited to see her teachers.  I’m sure it helps that they are the same teachers she had last year!  She loves school and LOVES her teachers!  We wanted to do a little something special for them on the first day.  Doesn’t hurt to butter them up a little bit before she starts getting in trouble for talking too much, right?!

I wanted something cute and fun, but not too expensive or over the top.  We settled on an insulated coffee mug with a starbucks gift card tucked inside.  I made this fun Teacher Gift Tag to go on it and used a little Washi Tape I had handy to secure it.  Easy Peasy.  Oh, and I’m giving away the tag for FREE.  Scroll to the bottom of the post for the download!Tags

Now, the idea for the teacher gift tags is not original. You can find several similar play on word tags online…none of them were just right for us, so I made my own:)   There are so many amazing teacher gift ideas floating around the internet.  Especially on Pinterest.  I put together a Pinterest board of fun ideas for a Teacher Gift.ideas pic

Hope you enjoy them and shower your teacher with the gifts she/he deserves!!

Download the FREE Teacher Gift Tags.

I will also be sharing this year’s Back to School Sign later this week.  Stay tuned:)




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